Selling Your Book

Selling your book on amazon, twitter post

Selling Your Book • Use your book’s content to sell your book • Make noise • Crosslink and spread the noise • Make it easy to buy • Repeat Check out my newest project on How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon

Day 7 of the #14DayProduct Challenge, The Book Cover Design

How I Made $322,650 cover design ideas

Day 7, of the #14DayProduct Challenge by Gumroad. Cover design. Zoom, Zoom we are moving fast here. Below you will see two cover ideas, A and B. Let me know which one you like in the comments. To speed things up I used Amazon and Canva for inspiration. The image on idea B comes from […]

Day Six of the #14DayProduct Challenge, The Book Title

FB Poll for How I Made $322,650 selling my books on Amazon

Day 6 of the #14DayProduct Gumroad Challenge. Picking your title. As you can see below I use the poll feature on Facebook to narrow down my title. It worked great, you can see the spread below. The top title got 13 votes, the next one 3 and then down. I usually like finalizing my title […]

Day 5 of the Gumroad #14DayProduct Challenge: Book Titles

girl telling secrets

Day 5 of the Gumroad #14DayProduct Challenge is about your book or product title. I usually like to finalize my titles at the end of writing but this is ok too. I am writing a book on my inside secrets for marketing my books. I would love some feedback on the title ideas below. I am […]

Day 4: Creating Your Product for the Gumroad #14DayProduct Challenge

Amazon Book sales from 2010-2020

Day 4: Creating Your Product for the Gumroad #14DayProduct Challenge Ok, I have picked my product, working on the name, will start writing shortly. Every day we receive an email from Gumroad with steps and questions. Here are the ones for today. The title is a little awkward and needs some thinking. I generally wait […]