How to Self-Publish Your Book, Traditional, Self-Publish, and Hybrid or Book Marketing Services

Traditional Self-Publishing Hybrid Questions

How to Self-Publish Your Book, Traditional, Self-Publish, and Hybrid or Book Marketing Services How to Self-Publish Your Book, FAQs. Let’s break down some questions on the different types of publishing • Traditional Publishing • Self-Publishing • Hybrid/Book Marketing Services Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing or Hybrid/Book Marketing Publishing? This is a big one and a question I […]

Book Marketing Workbook, Checklist, and Media Kit for Your Book Launch

launching your book to the stars

In today’s post, we talk about creating a media kit for your book launch. A media kit is a set of tools that you use for your launch. It makes the launch more efficient and easier to manage. 1. Build Your Author Platform 2. Create an Author Blog/Website, Your Online Home, 5 Essential Pages 3. Create a Media […]

How You Can Build an Author Platform for Your Book

Prep Before You Publish You are ready to publish your book. Editing and design/layout are underway. Publishing is right around the corner. What should I be doing? Let’s build a base to start from. It is time to start getting ready for your book launch and the publishing of your book. I break this down […]

I Didn’t Learn to Write Until I Was 53

Who am I? I am J. Bruce Jones, a 33+ year business graphic designer. I have created every kind of design project you can imagine. Designing logos, brochures, environmental wall graphics, books, newsletters, presentations, reports, and more. It has been a wonderful career helping businesses create their marketing. I am also a product developer and […]

Did I Really Sell $322,650 Worth of Books on Amazon?

selling books in a store

What Are the Real Numbers Behind $322,650? I made a bold statement on the cover. I sold $322,650 worth of books on That equals 34,605 books from March 2010 to October 2020. I didn’t do it in one launch or one year; I did it over 10 years. Continually building my library of books […]

Day Six of the #14DayProduct Challenge, The Book Title

FB Poll for How I Made $322,650 selling my books on Amazon

Day 6 of the #14DayProduct Gumroad Challenge. Picking your title. As you can see below I use the poll feature on Facebook to narrow down my title. It worked great, you can see the spread below. The top title got 13 votes, the next one 3 and then down. I usually like finalizing my title […]