How Do I Get My Book to Sell on Amazon?

Dinosaurs Dance children's book

I get this question all the time. You have just published your book on Amazon and congratulations, but now what? You might have done a full-on book launch or just uploaded your book to Amazon. What Now? What do I do on day two? How do I continue to get sales? How do I market […]

Selling Your Book

Selling your book on amazon, twitter post

Selling Your Book • Use your book’s content to sell your book • Make noise • Crosslink and spread the noise • Make it easy to buy • Repeat Check out my newest project on How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon

Blogging Ideas, Week 8: Where is Your Business Located?

Today I want you to write about where your business is located. Are you a local business, national or do you do business globally. Even small businesses can be global, maybe you use Skype to connect with clients in other countries. Tell us how far you spread. My own World of Maps editable clip art […]