ISBN Numbers, Do we need them, Yes or NO?, what are the and how do they work?

It is kind of mixed, ISBN which stands for International Standard Book Number and is manged by, and are the numbers that are used to track print books and help with distribution. You have to have one if you are going to be distributed to bookstores. They also indicate who the publisher is. They […]

Make a Book Your Business Calling Card

Books are powerful tools for spreading your message. Why not make a book your business calling card, here are the 10 steps to making this happen. Create a book about the lessons you have learned in your career. Your book can be a great leave behind or an introduction to what you do and who […]

Marketing, Selling and Repurposing Your Video Content.

I recently gave a talk at Bill Gentile’s Video Workshop in Washington DC on what do you do after you have made a documentary video. How can you make money with it, how can you take the content further. Selling The Traditional Ways of Distributing Your Film and Video Content •    Documentary film festivals •   […]

How to Make a Picture Book and Sell it On Amazon, Part 1

I am in the process of putting together an actual and on-line course on How to Self-Publish a Picture Book. I have written a basic outline around how to self-publish a picture book on CreateSpace and Kindle and thought lets pull all this together right here in the blog and write the full version. One […]

Self Publishing Platforms Compared

We all know about the Kindle Publishing Platform but there are many other self-publishing platforms, in this article by Ben Macklin of we learn about some of the others. The following article compares eight self-publishing platforms: Kindle Direct Publishing Smashwords Lulu Book Tango eBookIT! BookBaby Vook Press Books Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows […]

“How to Publish Your Book” Releases Feb 15 in the Kindle Store

By Bruce Jones I am pleased to announce the release of my newest book, How to Publish Your Book, A Beginner’s Guide for Print, Digital and e-Books. In this book I take you through an introduction and overview to self-publishing. The services, the different kinds of books you can create, the where, why and how. […]

Why Do We Self Publish?

I highly encourage writing and publishing your own books. This is an exciting and ever changing time for anyone who wants to create and send their content out into the world. Publishing has changed a lot over the last several years. Authors have more control of the content and rights of their books and with […]

How to Self-Publish Your Book: Publishing 3.0

I just read an excellent article on by James Altucher called How to Self-Publish a Bestseller: Publishing 3.0. Altucher walks the reader through how he published his latest book, Choose Yourself! and turned it into a bestseller. This is his 11th book and he writes about how a self-published book is the new business […]

Write, Design and Publish an Ebook in Three Hours

Can you write, design and publish an ebook in three hours? Yes you can, it is amazing how fast you can send your content out into the world. David Meerman Scott from highlights the experiences of a class at BU College of Communication run by Edward Boches that did just this in a July […]

Resources for Publishing Kindle and CreateSpace Books

I have been a conversation today with some friends of mine on resources for publishing Kindle and print-on-demand books using services like Kindle/Amazon, CreateSpace/Amazon and I thought I would start pulling some of this together in a post so others can access this info. Kindle Book Resources Amazon has a number of their own […]