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I have followed Daniel Hall for years and his efforts to teach the world how to publish books. I love his content, his Real Fast Books Course is outstanding. It is a great introduction to how quickly your can get a book out to the world. He has been doing video interviews lately and recently he did one with Penny Sansevieri or In this interview Penny takes us through all of the essential steps needed to correctly set your book up on Amazon. It is a fantastic interview. Take tons of notes on this one.

Some of the points covered, how to set up and find your keywords, your categories, working with Author Central and using the Amazon Select program.

Interviewed by Selling Electrons Magazine and Daniel Hall

Had a cool experience today, I was interviewed by Daniel Hall of Selling Electrons Magazine on my publishing and making products efforts. We talked about the different books I have, re-purposing your content, print on demand and the changes that are going on today. It was a lot of fun. Check out the video below. We used Google Hangout to record and broadcast the interview. You can learn more about Daniel at Daniel Hall

My Favorite Book Writing and Publishing Training

Real Fast Books 2.0 by Daniel Hall

Real Fast Books 2.0 by Daniel Hall

I have published a lot of books over the last year or two, some of them produced very quickly. I am approaching my 22nd book soon which will be on blogging for businesses. One of the people I follow a lot and have learned a lot from is Daniel Hall of Real Fast Books. Daniel takes you through all the steps to get a book published real fast, just like the title says. I will be talking more about this course in the future but I just wanted to get it out here. This is the course that I learned a lot from how to make a book very quickly and get it up in places like CreateSpace/Amazon and Kindle.

Daniel is very good at explaining simple steps for complex topics. He walks you through each phase of writing and publishing a book. Do you know you can basically write a full book in one weekend. Well you can and Daniel shows you how to.  If you want to learn more you can check it out here, (this is an affiliate link).

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