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Ok I am trying again. I recently participated in the first Small Product Lab 10 day product development project from That product was the How to Build a Facebook Group and it is almost done. I will finish it, life got in the way. I have been working on my big 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book Course which is just about finished up, editing the final videos. But it is huge course with around 60 videos. Tons of content, everything I know about publishing.

What I thought to do is to pull out some sections of that course and release some more focused, smaller learning. I put together a great module on book marketing called, How to Market Your Book with a book marketing check list, How to Create a Best Seller, and about 7 videos. With some re-branding and changing the video intros I could create a smaller, more focused course., which is this fantastic site that I use it all the time  for hosting small products of mine is running their third Small Product Lab. This would be a good motivator for releasing the product. Gumroad has a lot of training and information on how to make and sell products. Gumroad is an amazing site, what they do is host, deliver and handle all the back office ecommerce stuff for anything that you want to upload and sell.

The project lays out like this. Ten days, ten actionable lessons. Here’s the Gumroad game plan

Course Outline

  • Sept 28, What’s your product?  how to market

My product is called How to Market Your Book. is has 7 videos plus 2 bonus videos on how to make a book blog. The videos are based on my years of experience and what I have learned about marketing books. There are a million ways to go and it is one of the things that makes the process so confusing. I will also include a couple of handouts.

my quick course description
Learn the steps to marketing your new book. This course covers pre-book release marketing, book launching, how to get an Amazon bestseller and building your platform and media kit.

  • Sept 29, Plan, research and outline
  • Sept 30, Set up your profile
  • Oct 1, Start Marketing
  • Oct 2, Package it up
  • Oct 3, Work, assess, breathe
  • Oct 4, Decoding the pricing puzzle
  • Oct 5, Prep for launch day
  • Oct 6, Partner up
  • Oct 7, Reach out
  • Oct 8, Launch day!
  • Oct 14, Winner and honorable mentions announced


The Gumroad 30 Day Challenge – Resources is running a cool 30 day exercise for building an online business using their service. Gumroad is a platform that you can use for hosting your digital products. They take care of all the back end, the e-commerce stuff and the downloading. We just make and sell stuff they do the rest. The challenge is giving us lots of tools to help with that. I am a big fan of Gumroad and have a number of products there. There is also a matching Facebook group that looks excellent. They are also releasing a new feature for collecting followers called Audience

You can follow me on Gumroad at

The Thirty Day Challenge, the calendar

Day 1. Start Creating
Article by Sahil Lavingia the founder of Gumroad.

Day 2. Getting to Know Your Audience and Finding Your Niche
Tools for Getting to Know Your Audience (Part 1)
Google Keyword Tool
Google Trends
Google Alerts

Picking the Right Niche
Big Fish in a Small Pond

Day 3. Building Your Landing Page
Landing Page Tips

A good example of how to set up different product packages by Caleb Wojcik DYI Video Guy

Day 4. Audience Tool
Building a tool to gather followers

Day 5. Building an Audience
Making the Lead Generator

Day 6, Auto Responders for your List
Automatic Updates

Scheduled email

Day 7 Free Give A Ways to Build Sales, This is a good one, come back to it, make some samples
Use sample to build an audience

IDEA: Build out a sample pack form the individual pdf map collections that people can download for free and it also gets gets sent out to anyone who buys a pdf collection. Link all the collections together, also offer a discount for the other pdf packs. Include a pdf with images of all the other collections, put live links in the email to each one.

Day 8, Connect with your email
Put a link from your email signature to your business landing page
Naming your product

Day 9, Building Your Content
10 Steps of Content Marketing Checklist

Day 10 Content
Pick one form of content to produce, master 1 and then add

Day 11, Do Something Small Every Day

Day 12 YouTube Annotations,
Every piece of content leads back to your website or Gumroad but somewhere where people can connect with your or buy your stuff. Click for Article on Gumroad on linking

Day 13 Using high quality content to build a following
Interview with Pat Flynn on building content.

Day 14 Sending Updates to Your Customers
The Update page, send an update

Day 15, Writing email subject lines
Email subject lines

Day 16, More social media connections
Find audiences on Reddit, Dribble, Facebook Groups, and Hacker News

Day 17 Knowing Your Audience
Part 2, Tools for Knowing Your Audience, using Facebook, Twitter, Buzzsumo

Day 18 Using Twitter and photos
Twitter and using images


Free photos at Death to the Stock Photo

Day 19, Twitter, Instgram and YouTube, lots to learn here

Twitter article

Instagram article

YouTube article

Day 20 Be part of the discussion
Google Alerts, Buffer news and articles

Buzzsumo, great ways to find influencers

Day 21, Look for opportunities where you can guest blog to a similar audience

Day 22, Reach out to these Bloggers and offer some guest blogs on their topics

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