Bruce on Instant Authority Expert PodCast with Keith Shannon

Instant Authority ExpertI just had a great experience with podcaster Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert. Keith interviewed me for over an hour on publishing and my tips and strategies. We covered how-to self publish and about how to market your work, Included was : how to read the Amazon sales page, some basic marketing tips and re-purposing your content. Along with Beatles or the Rolling Stones, Dogs or Cats. Keith was great, high energy and lots of fun.
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Interviewing on Instant Authority Expert, what fun

I had a cool experience yesterday being interviewed  by Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Pod Cast. Keith is pumped with energy and makes for a fun experience. I think we talked for over an hour about publishing and living a free lance life. When the show goes live I will put it up. It was interesting to see him put the show together. We talked over Skype but he recorded for audio. We talked about my favorite topic, publishing. How easy it is to get into. The Amazon sales page and how much info you can learn about your market, some simple marketing tips that anyone can do and much more. Super fun. And as I mentioned in the show, be sure to sign up on the right for a free copy of my How to Publish Your Book, A Beginners Guide.

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Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Pod Cast

Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Pod Cast