Podcast: J. Bruce Jones, The Book Publishing Media Creating Master-Wizard

Dreamers Dare Radio

This past week Angela Treat Lyon interviewed me for her Daring Dreamers Radio podcast. We had a blast talking all things publishing and much more. Link Below Topics covered included: In this jam-packed interview with the always-ebullient Bruce Jones, you’ll find out: • how Bruce flipped depression into creating his 1st product • how he […]

The 4 Pillars of Book Marketing, S1 E3

The 4 pillars of book marketing S1 E3

   S1 E3, The 4 Pillars of Book Marketing Pillar 1: Using Your Book’s Content to Sell Your Book  Build an online presence for your book Break up your book’s content and post on your platforms Add clear links and ads to Amazon to buy your book around your content Use your text, images, […]

Make Stuff, Sell Stuff Podcast, Lets Begin, S1 E1

Make Stuff Sell Stuff Podcast S1 E1

My new podcast, Make Stuff, Sell Stuff has begun, we launch Season 1, Episode 1 S1 E1 I am always trying new things. Over the past year, I have been really upping my live stream broadcasting. It has been a lot of fun and I have been able to expand my reach. Podcasting is more […]

15 Favorite Social Media Tips, PodCast

Just recorded my first podcast using GarageBand and SoundCloud, it went pretty easy. The podcast was a list of my favorite social media tips. I also posted it on Google+ and that works really well. This embed code looks a little strange with that big face going on, but see if I can fix it. […]