Masterclass, Create Your Own Workbooks, Checklist & Journals

Workbook MasterClass

Welcome participants of the June 20-26, Hey Summit, Week of Kindness and Gratitude. Thank you for checking out my Workbook Masterclass. Click to check my Free presentation on June 22, 3:00 pm Scroll down to download my free Summit PDF Gifts and to find the special Masterclass discount. Tap the Hidden Treasures in Your Book, […]

Book Marketing Workbook, Checklist, and Media Kit for Your Book Launch

launching your book to the stars

In today’s post, we talk about creating a media kit for your book launch. A media kit is a set of tools that you use for your launch. It makes the launch more efficient and easier to manage. 1. Build Your Author Platform 2. Create an Author Blog/Website, Your Online Home, 5 Essential Pages 3. Create a Media […]

How Do I Sell My Book on Amazon?

Images for Dinosaurs Dance Book

  How Do I Sell My Book on Amazon? I see some version of this question all the time. You have published your book on Amazon and congratulations, but now what? You might have done a full-on book launch or recently uploaded your book to Amazon. What now? What do I do on day two? […]

I Have No Idea What Works to Create a Successful Book

There are many ways to promote and sell your book. This series of posts focuses on my general concept of using your book’s content to sell your book. Take your content, spread it around, have Google see and index it, and get it noticed. Then give people a simple path to buy it. I then […]

Expand Your Exposure By Connecting with Influencers in Your Market, S1 E2

learn How Authors can connect with influencers

  S1 E2 Expand Your Exposure By Connecting with Influencers in Your Market, Create Your Own Dream 100 One strategy for launching your book and expanding your reach is to link yourself with some influencers in our market. People who have bigger audiences than we do. Our goal is to piggyback on the back of […]

Creating a Book Series Page or a Book Box Set Page on Amazon

Amazon book Series page

Did you know you can create a book series page or a box set page on Amazon for your books. It is a separate page where all the books in your series can be grouped together. I have seen books like this, but I don’t know how to do it. So I went to my […]

Day 3, Selling Your Book, How to Sell Your Book Challenge

day 3, Selling your book, how to sell your book challenge

  Day 3, More Ways of Selling Your Book Jan 28, 2021  • How to Sell More Books • Three Key Selling Tests to Run on Your Book • Selling Your Book in the Real World How to Sell Your Book Challenge To celebrate the launching of How to Sell Your Book, I am holding […]