Using TikTok to Market and Sell Your Books and Knowledge

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There is a new influencer on the block, and it is growing by leaps and bounds. It is called TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to share short-form video content, lasting from 15 sec to 3 minutes. You can also upload longer 10-minute videos. They built the platform for short and […]

How to Create a Media Kit for Your Book Launch

In today’s post, we talk about creating a media kit for your book launch. A media kit is a set of tools that you use for your launch. It makes the launch more efficient and easier to manage. 1. Build Your Author Platform 2. Create an Author Blog/Website, Your Online Home, 5 Essential Pages 3. […]

The 5 Essential Pages You Need for Your Author Website

In the previous post, we talked about creating your Author Platform. One of the essential elements you will need is some kind of web presence. A home on the web. This can be a website or a blog. I prefer a blog because it is easy to add new content and manage yourself. 1. Build […]

How You Can Build an Author Platform for Your Book

Prep Before You Publish You are ready to publish your book. Editing and design/layout are underway. Publishing is right around the corner. What should I be doing? Let’s build a base to start from. It is time to start getting ready for your book launch and the publishing of your book. I break this down […]

I Didn’t Learn to Write Until I Was 53

Who am I? I am J. Bruce Jones, a 33+ year business graphic designer. I have created every kind of design project you can imagine. Designing logos, brochures, environmental wall graphics, books, newsletters, presentations, reports, and more. It has been a wonderful career helping businesses create their marketing. I am also a product developer and […]

Did I Really Sell $322,650 Worth of Books on Amazon?

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What Are the Real Numbers Behind $322,650? I made a bold statement on the cover. I sold $322,650 worth of books on That equals 34,605 books from March 2010 to October 2020. I didn’t do it in one launch or one year; I did it over 10 years. Continually building my library of books […]

15 Publishing Lessons I Have Learned From Creating Over 50 Books

publishing lessons I have learned from creating over 50 books

  Publishing Lessons I Have Learned From Creating Over 50 Books 1. The most important sale for me is the first one. You’ve confirmed the demand for the product, and you know that everything is working. From that point, it comes down to expanding your marketing. 2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. […]

Building Your Author Platform

Build your Author platform to increase your exposure

Building your author platform is one of the most important things you can do to sell your book. This is where your initial sales will come from. If you are doing a book launch, these are the people who will give you that bestseller. These are your fans. Your author platform is all how people […]