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Conscious Leader Book Writing Summit

Thank you for participating in 
The Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit
with Susan Crossman.

As a thank you, I am offering all VIP members
the Workbook Masterclass
at a special 40% off the price.

Use discount code: WorkbookGold at checkout.

Offer expires March 31, 2023

Tap the Hidden Treasures in Your Book, Consulting, or Coaching,
and Turn Them Into Gold. Learn how in this Masterclass.

In this Masterclass you will learn how to take your book, coaching, consulting, or teaching and turn the content into a companion Workbook, Checklist, Journal, or Lesson Plan for your readers, clients, or students. Increase the value of your consulting, coaching, and teaching.

You will learn how you can create workbooks, checklists, journals, and lesson plans from your content. This masterclass is perfect for anyone who has an existing business, self-help, or how-to book. Or if you are a coach, consultant, or teacher. If you are developing a book this class will also help you think about how you can structure your book and if you can add a workbook to it. I bet you can.

Start your training right away. Watch the Grahame Rees interview below and download the free PDF books to get started.

As a Special Bonus Download Two FREE PDFs from the Masterclass

Included in the Workbook Masterclass

• Workbook Examples, great examples to model, Video

• The Hidden Treasures in Your Content, Video, we look at your books, coaching, consulting, and teaching.

• Key Workbook Tips and Ideas, Products You Can Make from Your Workbook

• 3 Case Studies by Workbook creators, Videos

• Workbook MasterClass Book, PDF Book

• The Workbook Tips and Resources, PDF Book

• Workbook Design and Layout Checklist, PDF Book

• Publishing and Marketing Your Workbook, Video

• Design Tips 101 for Workbooks, Video

• Making Your Cover, Video

• Workbook Elements Templates for MS Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign

• Bonus, I will be holding a live Zoom session for all attendees in March.