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How to Find the Gold in Your Book

As an author, you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating your book. But now that it’s finished, what’s next? How do you make money from your book and ensure that it reaches as many readers as possible?

One key strategy is to re-purpose your book’s content into additional products and services. This means taking the content you’ve created and finding new ways to use it to generate revenue. By doing this, you can create multiple streams of income and expand your reach to new audiences.

One example of this is taking the PDF file of your book and selling it on your website. This allows you to reach readers who may not want to purchase a physical book or prefer to read on their electronic devices. Additionally, you can take the PDF and create a digital product by adding videos, audio recordings, or a workbook. This can be sold for a higher price than just a standalone book.

Other ways to re-purpose your book content include:

  • Creating a physical book from an e-book
  • Creating an e-book or Kindle version of a physical book
  • Creating a workbook, journal, or checklist
  • Recording an audio version of the book and selling it on with or, or
  • Turning each chapter into a podcast
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation or video based on the book
  • Hosting webinars or seminars based on the book’s content
  • Using YouTube, Facebook Live, or Zoom to conduct interviews with other authors or experts to discuss the book or related topics. Turn these into post, or podcasts
  • Creating video training courses based on the book’s content
  • Creating cheat sheets, assessments, or how-to sheets based on the book
  • Using illustrations from the book to create a picture book or merchandise on sites like,, or Redbubble
  • Building a resource list or affiliate offers for readers
  • Reselling the content for Private Label Rights.

By re-purposing your book’s content in these ways, you can increase your visibility, reach new audiences, and generate additional revenue. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and find new ways to monetize your book’s content.

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