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How I Market My New Book, Walking Hadrian’s Wall, Websites and Tools

In today’s video training, I talk about sites and tools that I and use to market and keep my book visible and easy to buy. You need to create as much exposure as you can. Think of little signposts all over the web. The goal is to let people know that you have a book and then give them a simple path to purchase the book. This is a mistake that authors make all the time. They publish their book, but they don’t give anyone any information about the book or how to get it.
1. Post your book on your blog. Have some kind of blog or website to host info about your book and a place that you can send people or they find on their own when they want to know more about your book. Your latest book, or the book you are launching, should be on your home page. I also recommend authors have a thumbnail of the book on every page. Maybe in a sidebar, or the footer. There should also be a page that has all the info about the book. This blog is also a good place to host your book’s media kit.
Here is a good example of my book page for my book, One of the most important features should be links to purchase your book at Amazon or wherever you host it.
2. Be sure you are posting about your book on your Facebook personal page and any other Pages or Groups you are part of
My publishing group, create a group around your topic,
I also posted on my business page,
I also posted about my book in a related group that I am part of. I do this carefully and try not to be pushing for people to buy. Just announce that I have a book on the topic of the blog. 
 3. Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube
You want to be where your audience is. If your audience is instagram, then be on instagram, etc.
I also created some general how I did it live videos for Youtube. These videos also went on Facebook and my blog and with the PDF version. I used
to stream these broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. 
A free tool that you can use to link these sites to Amazon or other places is called Linktree. Your Linktree link is added to your bio and allows you to connect to a variety of places. You don’t even need to have a website to use Linktree. It can act as a small website. 
4. Along with releasing my book on Amazon as a paperback and ebook, I also released a pdf of the book. Along with the PDF I also made a couple of videos on how I created the illustrations for the book, and how I marketed it. I host these on and can continue to add content in the future. Will anyone buy these, not sure, but it is another point of contact for the book. Gumroad allows you to stream videos, host pdfs, audio files, etc. It is a very easy platform to set up
5. Go to each web property that you have and update your bios. This is important. People check out your bios and you want them to see that you have a new book. If you can add a link, great, if not then make a post about your book with the link. The key is to cover all your bases with info about your new book.
6. Walking Hadrian’s Wall on Amazon